Chinese Netizens Have Moved Their Target from BTS to BLACKPINK

Following Lee Hyori and BTS, it’s BLACKPINK.

Recently, Chinese netizens attacked Lee Hyori when she mentioned the name “Mao” for her new character name then targeted BTS over their acceptance speech for the Van Fleet Award. And now, they are hitting the roof over BLACKPINK.

Credit: YG Entertainment

On November 3, BLACKPINK’s online show “24/365 with BLACKPINK” shared a preview of the upcoming episode and showed a glimpse into members visiting Everland amusement park to meet baby pandas. As soon as the clip was released, Chinese netizens criticized and accused them of illegally touching the baby pandas without gloves and masks.

They also pointed out that the members came into contact with the baby pandas with their makeup on and threatened the lives of the baby pandas because some of the members own dogs (some baby pandas died due to canine distemper virus transferred from dogs). One news media outlet even posted an article with words like “Korean celebrities come into contact with pandas illegally” and “They are hurting our nation’s treasures.”

Soon, some Chinese netizens began to demand apologies from BLACKPINK, the Korean government and Everland amusement park by tagging them on their posts.

Credit: Weibo, The Qoo

One blog translated some of the comments from the Chinese netizens.

1. State order has prohibited any non-professionals from coming into contact with pandas. In 2015, so many pandas died as a result of canine distemper virus–isn’t that a lesson? Do pandas born in South Korea not belong to China…so you can just ignore Chinese regulations? [T/N: look up panda diplomacy–all pandas in foreign countries are technically on loan from China] Not to mention, the girl group members have pets at home. These pets are an important source of canine distemper virus. [�’][�’] These pitiful little creatures that have been borrowed are just being used for labor/this girl group’s marketing/sales/points. Ordinarily, they frequently get on the hot search. This time, why aren’t they on the hot search? [+85234]

2. Can you sensibly follow celebrities? They indeed touched the pandas. Why are you saying it has nothing to do with them? I’m laughing to death. So when I slap you, I can also say it has nothing to do with me. [太开心] It’s true that Blackpink doesn’t understand this, and that it’s indeed the zookeeper who’s most at fault, but if the pandas get sick, then Blackpink cannot act like they have no relationship with it. They indeed touched them. Just because you say they’re artists doesn’t mean they have special privileges. If they were passerby, would you also say stuff in this way? [偷�’] [+55924]

3. Popular science: Except for panda zookeepers and veterinarians, people who come into close contact with giant pandas may make them sick. The cosmetics used by Korean artists can also irritate giant pandas. And if they have pets at home and still interact with pandas, they may cause the pandas to suffer from the deadly canine distemper virus. Therefore, if you really love giant pandas, please watch them quietly and don’t get close to them to interact with them. In the past, some domestic institutions also violated regulations. But in recent years there have been relevant regulations that have prohibited these businesses. [+36402]

4. And it’s Blackpink [T/N: article did not mention the name of the group; it just said “Korean artists” — that’s why the commentator is naming the group] [+30768]

5. Do you know what “borrowing” is? It means it’s not yours! You have to return them in a healthy condition! If the artists don’t understand this, does the zookeeper also not? [+30281]

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