After a Netizen Files a Complaint over Park Bo Gum’s Remarks During the Recent Navy Concert, ROK Navy Answers “No Problem”

Credit: Republic of Korea Navy/YouTube

A netizen pointed out that how Park Bo Gum promoted his drama and film during the recent Navy concert can be considered a “profit-making activity.” In response, the ROK Navy made their official position, saying, “There’s no problem.”

“Park Bo Gum’s remarks at an event he attended yesterday came as he shared his updates with his fellow host,” said an official from the Navy. “According to the legal review, this isn’t a profit-making activity but just a happening.”

Yesterday, Park Bo Gum acted as a host at the 19th Korea Navy Hoguk Concert. During the event, he said, “I hope you fully enjoy the concert and afterward remember and join Record of Youth.” He also added, “Also, I hope you show great interest and love to Seobok, which will be released in December.”

After the concert ended, a netizen filed a civil complaint against Park Bo Gum’s remarks through a newspaper. He wrote, “I believe Private Park Bo Gum’s remarks go against Article 30 of the Framework Act on the Status and Service of Soldiers (Prohibition of profit-making activity and holding other jobs),” and added, “Since what he said is equal to actors appearing on entertainment shows to promote their works, his remarks that pursue profitability can affect the viewership and number of moviegoers. And this is extremely inappropriate.”

He also explained why he wrote the complaint, saying, “In the current reality, we cannot help but point out that such remarks by Private Park Bo Gum represent slack discipline in the Navy. I hope you will sternly punish Park Bo Gum, a Private who did ‘profit-making activity (promoting his works)’ during an official Navy event.”

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  • Oh, for Pete’s sake! Leave it to a Korean troll to come up with something to complain about. Must have thought long and hard to find that one thing. Give me a break! And get a life! Please!

  • Wow really how trivial and petty to file this complaint. Didn’t the Navy use him as an MC due to his status as an actor? Same on this guy pettiness.

  • someone who has to much time on his hands and also seems to be a miserable, bored, petty and jealous, i mean why would you hope that someone is harshly punished, because of something that wasn’t even worth noting, damn what a sad, sour, nasty fool. Bogam i have found, is extremely polite in interviews and seems to be a happy nice guy

  • That person needs to get a life. Sounds like a hater to me. Peace be with you Mr . Gum.

  • Korean netizens drive me nuts. So many seem to have such pathetic personal lives that they feel the need to bring others down and they pick on the famous. Park Bo Gum seems to be a really sweet and genuine person. The fool that made the complaint needs to get a life.

  • Poor netizens… you have nothing better to do then to shame your own idols, actors, and actresses. If that is the case. Don’t watch TV, don’t listen to music/radios, and focus on you. Yes, reflect on how ridiculous you Koreans treat each other. Is this because you’re jealous of their fame? Don’t be. Because they worked hard to be there. Goodness. Oh and… GET A LIFE!! Stop prowling into someone else’s life. Shame on you!!

  • This is what you called JEALOUSY. Jealousy leads to anger and hate. Hate and anger leads to Diabolical act. Park Bo Gum is known to all, he is very kind, gentle, carefree and respectful person. smile 🙂 @Bogummy serving the nation.

  • Park Bo Gum is such a good actor and also one of my favorites. Please just ignore this complaint like someone mentioned he was used as an emcee as well. Give and take please. Love u Bo Gum🤩💜

  • I am an International Fan, to be honest, these netizens need to shut the F up and just mind their own business. Who does he think he is, that was a concert he can say “enjoy the show and after don’t forget to watch Record of Youth” what is wrong there. Concerts are promoting as well… so he can promote it.

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