The Fashion Editor Who Exposed Irene’s Rude Behaviors Makes Her Last Statement

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While Red Velvet’s Irene officially apologized for her rude actions, editor/stylist Kang Kook Hwa made her last statement.

Starting by saying, “I’ve been already scared, and I will never be able to forget this pain,” Kang added, “The reason I haven’t taken any action since my first post is because I had to make a very rational and wise judgment at every moment as expected in this kind of situation. The biggest reason is that I didn’t want to raise further misunderstandings, and I didn’t want to feed into any baseless speculation or chaos.”

She continued, “Right after that happened, I received an apology from the company B staff that had hired me and the managers that were on site of the incident who all recognized her wrongdoings, so I thought I didn’t need to make any rash decisions.” Kang also stated that the editor and assistant who were also chewed out by Irene received apologies in person.

“The reason I haven’t taken any action so far is that from the moment I first decided to go public with this, my goal and purpose was for her to ‘promise not to do that to anyone in the future’ and ‘meet in-person and say an apology to me and the two others in my team.’ I received an official apology yesterday and stopped everything because I achieved my goal,” she added.

Kang also emphasized that there was no monetary settlement and explained that the reason she wanted to personally receive an apology was “to maintain the bare minimum of dignity and recover from the personal humiliation for myself and every colleague.”

She then wrote, “If you are a fan who sincerely cares for C (Irene), I hope you can stop crossing the line. Those words will not hurt me at all and also won’t be of any positive influence for her either,” and also warned against those who are spreading false rumors.

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