‘When I Was the Most Beautiful’ Ji Soo Talks About What It Was Like Playing Seo Hwan

“I thought this project showed a lyrical and detailed portrayal of emotions, which is quite rare in recent dramas. So it came a little more special to me.”

Credit: MBC

During an interview marking the end of When I Was the Most Beautiful, Ji Soo talked about the unusual feelings he felt.

In the drama, Ji Soo took on the role of Seo Hwan, who showed pure and unwavering hearts for his first love, Oh Ye Ji (Im Soo Hyang). Especially, he presented heartbreaking love for Oh Ye Ji, who married his older brother, leaving a bittersweet aftertaste.

Ji Soo said, “It wasn’t a crush (one-sided love where the person you love doesn’t know about your crush) but an unrequited love (one-sided love where the person you love does know about your crush). Crush can be disguised, but Seo Hwan confesses his love, gets dumped, and continues to suffer. You can at least have some expectations when you have a crush, but this wasn’t like that. That was even more heartbreaking for me.”

Seo Hwan’s one-sided love never got to bloom till the very end. “From Hwan’s point of view, I think some of his frustrations were resolved since he heard ‘I love you’ from Ye Ji. The reason he was so desperate was because he never got to have her, but in the end, he did hear her say ‘I love you’ so that would have been the biggest reward and catharsis for him.”

What does Ji Soo think will happen in Seo Hwan’s future? “Hwan is a person with a sincere heart, so I hope he finds his new love while living in a small hotel in Bali. But I’m pretty sure he will continue to check how Ye Ji is doing.”

Will Ji Soo be able to love one person for that long like Hwan? Ji Soo answered, “If I was Hwan, I think I would have accepted the reality quicker and found a new life.”

Credit: MBC

How was it like working with Im Soo Hyang? “She is very professional, so I was able to get immersed more easily. She is really considerate, playful, and smiles a lot. She was just really fun to be around.”

Ji Soo also mentioned Ha Seok Jin, who played Seo Jin, Hwan’s older brother and a rival. “After Hwan became an adult, there were zero scenes where we got to have a good time together. That’s a bit disappointing.”

Though the overall viewership might not have been that high, Ji Soo said he is quite satisfied. “To be honest, I’m satisfied with just time. Not a lot of people might have watched it, but the fans stayed with us till the end. And with that, I’m sufficiently satisfied.”

The actor also shared his thoughts about choosing his next project. “I don’t decide my works with particular thoughts like ‘Oh, since I did something sad, I’m gonna do something bright next time.’ There are so many actors and so many projects, so getting to work on a project as an actor is certainly an amazing fate. I tend to play the roles that attract me.”

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