Go Ah Sung Talks About How ‘Samjin Company English Class’ Came Like a Gift

Go Ah Sung will once again greet the audience with a cheerful and bubbly character after a long time.

Samjin Company English Class, scheduled to be released on Oct. 21, is a movie about three high school graduates joining forces to investigate the company’s corruption.

Go Ah Sung, who mainly played a role representing the position of “underdog,” plays the role of Lee Ja Young. Despite being only given all kinds of chores such as running errands, making coffee, and cleaning as her task, Ja Young grows up as she struggles to shed light on the company’s irregularities.

Credit: Lotte EntertainmentAs to why she chose the film, Go Ah Sung said she was attracted to a bright and cheerful character.
“After finishing A Resistance, I wanted to meet a bright and cheerful character. And this movie was offered, and I was instantly attracted to the unique title. When I first read the script, the first half seemed very cheerful and cute, and the fact that I could work with actors my age came positive. Not only did the movie have a bright and cheerful charm, but it also had a story of growth with sincere and touching moments, and in all, it was a solid film.”

For her role as Ja Young, who is altruistic and quite nosy, Go Ah Sung transformed her own personality, creating an extroverted side.
“I’m an introvert, but I needed to change a little if I wanted to play Ja Young. So intentionally, I raised my tension up at the filming set. I don’t normally start the conversation, but I realized that I have changed a lot since working on the movie. I still have some of Ja Young’s characters within me.”

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Samjin Company English Class is a movie where diverse female characters come alive.
A Resistance was about the same size, but I felt that the energy is quite different depending on the movie. If there was something heavy in my heart even when I was with many actors for A Resistance, I felt a strong bond whenever I was in the filming set for Samjin Company English Class.”

The movie is not just fun and lively but also deals with the real-life case of the “phenol discharge incident.”
“Even if it’s an act when the situation is created in front of my eyes, then I get emotional. When Ja Young says, ‘I really want to do my work’ and really does it, I personally felt exhilarated as an actor.”

Go Ah Sung made her debut in 1997 through a TV commercial when she was only 4 years old.
“Starting acting was not my choice. I did enjoy it, but I was never sure if I should continue this path. I’ll hit my thirty soon. I wonder if there will be such a big change, but I’m looking forward to it. I am hoping with a positive mind. I also want to work on many good works.”

Go Ah Sung hopes Samjin Company English Class will give the audience healthy energy.
“It’s a movie that came like a gift. I hope it becomes a movie that can make you laugh during difficult times.”

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