After Solbi’s Remarks Caught the Attention, Gian84 Is Back on the Chopping Block

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After singer and painter Solbi’s remarks during her recent appearance on You Quiz On The Block drew keen attention, the post that the head of her label wrote two months ago became a hot topic online.

In the recent episode of You Quiz On The Block, Solbi said, “No one believed me. If I go to a meeting, art majors would say things like, ‘Why are you painting? People who majored in art will never welcome you’ or ‘Do you really think you’re good at it?’ to my face.”

Solbi’s remarks caught the attention, and what Lee Jung Kwon, CEO of Solbi’s label M.A.P Crew, posted two months ago on Facebook started to go viral.

After posting the number “84,” he wrote, “I saw the recent webtoon drawn by the person who put Solbi to shame by saying, ‘Why are you painting? People who majored in art will never like you,’ during an entertainment show that aired in December 2016, and it was appalling and shocking.”

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“I have a very unpleasant memory of seeing people, not just him, cornering Solbi as if her career as a painter is something bad that day. I can never forget how she was so disconcerted,” he added. “I hate to see that person on TV as if nothing had happened after several issues disappeared like gossip. Now I will ask you the question I wanted to ask back then. ‘If you are so good at drawing, then why do you keep appearing on TV?'”

Though he never directly mentioned Gian84, the fact that he kept using the number “84” in hashtags and mentioned webtoon clearly points to him. In fact, his post was uploaded on Aug. 13, the day after a misogyny controversy over Gian84’s webtoon was raised.

Credit: Dispatch, Facebook

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