Super Junior’s Ryeowook and His Girlfriend Ari Apologize to Fans over the Recent Rumors

Credit: 10 Asia, SPOTVNEWS
Credit: 10 Asia, SPOTVNEWS

Super Junior’s Ryeowook and former TAHITI member Ari admitted their relationship amid several controversies.

Recently, rumors spread in online communities that Ryeowook is dating a believer of Shincheonji (an offshoot Christian new religious movement) and that he opened a cafe for her.

In response, Ryeowook himself stepped forward. On Sept. 30, he personally dedicated a sincere message to fans through Super Juniors’ fan community, “Lysn.” He apologized about the disappointment the fans must have felt, but emphasized his unwavering feelings toward fans and members.

“I’m dating that friend (Ari), but the misunderstandings that come and go as the truths are things that I’ve never talked about or thought about. For me now, Super Junior and ELFs are precious. It’s a pity that there are so many untrue words going around. My actions have hurt our ELFs, and I’m also sorry to other members who must have been surprised. I will always do my best not to damage Super Junior’s activities, my number one priority.”

Ari also actively gave explanations to various suspicions. Regarding the misunderstanding that arose as Ari ran the SNS of the cafe that Ryeowook set up for his parents, she said, “The cafe account was opened to help promote it. I’m really sorry for unintentionally making many people uncomfortable. I had a part-time job experience at a cafe, so I told him that I wanted to decorate it prettily. I’d like to let you know that he didn’t set up a cafe for me, and that the profits from the cafe are not up to me.”

About her being a believer of Shincheonji, Ari stressed, “I am a Christian and not Shincheonji. I’m not the woman in the captured-pictures. Two years ago, a friend asked me to appear on the radio, and the place was called Cheonji Ilbo (Shincheonji media). I had no idea that place was related to Shincheonji. I’m really sorry for causing such misunderstanding.”

Finally, she added, “I’m sorry that I stayed silent till now. I thought that explaining or opening my mouth would further hurt everyone’s feelings and hurt him (Ryeowook). It all happened because I couldn’t distinguish between public and private matters and my short thoughts and actions. I will act more maturely and try harder. I’m telling you that there is not a single lie in this article.”

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