Rapper Jay Park Explains Why He Ended Up Appearing On ‘Rap of China’ Instead of ‘Show Me the Money’

Source: AOMG
Source: AOMG

AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC CEO Jay Park revealed his thoughts about appearing on Rap of China, which is the Chinese version of the popular show Show Me the Money.

Jay Park talked about his recent schedules and activities on HIPHOPPLAYA’s HipHop Friday, hosted by Lee Young Ji. Jay Park, who shared that he postponed his personal activities to focus on HIGHR MUSIC’s compilation album, said that he did not go to China.

Jay Park was recently embroiled in controversy when he was reported to appear as a special judge on the show Rap of China. Many people complained about his decision to appear on Rap of China, instead of CJ ENM’s own hip hop survival program Show Me the Money. Rap of China has previously been suspected of plagiarizing the original Korea show.

Contrary to popular belief, Jay Park only gave personal feedback to the contestants after listening to them through a video call. Since he is not able to speak Chinese, he did not appear as an actual judge. Because of this, Chinese netizens voiced criticism about his inability to speak their language.


On his personal Instagram page, Jay Park said, “The production team [for Rap of China] said that they would give me 1000 times what Show Me the Money offered if I appeared on the show in China. But because there are things I have to do, I took 10 times less than what I was offered and filmed in Korea.”

He continued, “Show Me the Money was the first show to contact me. So I told them that I have to confirm if we will be able to appear on the show as H1GHR MUSIC. However, the show’s production team did not share the same vision that I had. So Groovy Room ended up being selected to appear on the show instead of me. If a party wants to collaborate with me, then I am always open to the idea. But if they ask me to work on something that has already been set in stone and scripted, then I don’t want to be a part of it.”

In 2016, AOMG and CJ ENM formed a strategic partnership. In response to claims that Jay Park upset CJ ENM by appearing on the show, DJ Pumkin, the co-president of AOMG, said, “Since we’re in a situation where we already discussed this with CJ ENM, there are no problems.”

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