What Happens When “Non-Talking” Yoo Ah In and “Faithful” Yoo Jae Myung Meet?


A man who never talks and a man who is deeply religious met. What unique synergy will come out?

The press conference for the upcoming movie Voice of Silence was held online on Sept. 21. Director Hong Eui Jung, Yoo Ah In, and Yoo Jae Myung attended the event.

The film Voice of Silence, which is scheduled to be released in October,  depicts the story of Tae In and Chang Bok, the cleaning crew of a criminal organization, getting caught up in an unexpected incident when a client dies after putting them in charge of the kidnapped child. 

Tae In (Yoo Ah In), who never speaks, and Chang Bok (Yoo Jae Myung), who is deeply religious, add interest to their unique characters, who work under criminal organizations but are harmless and diligent.


“He’s a criminal, but he’s strangely lovable. Rather, he is portrayed as a character who does his job quietly and sincerely,” Yoo Ah In said. For this film, he challenged a role with no lines and gained 15 kilograms (about 33 lbs).

“He doesn’t talk. But there are times when some mysterious sounds come out of him. Maybe something happened in the past, and he is refusing to express his feelings to the world. It was in a way comfortable to act without lines, but it was also a challenge,” Yoo Ah In added. “Because I had no lines, I didn’t try hard to express much with my face. I gained weight and changed my appearance. And I tried to get help from the energy that exudes during this process.”


Yoo Jae Myung took on the role of Chang Bok, a “good” criminal who works as a cleaner of a criminal organization despite his religious beliefs. He explained his character as “someone who used to be an egg seller, but took a part-time job as a cleaning crew of a crime organization.” He added, “People who do such things were always depicted as intimidating and scary characters in the previous works, but our film is different,” raising the expectations.

The film Voice of Silence, which features the two actors’ dramatic transformations, will be released next month. 

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