Moonbin & Sanha Talk About Their Debut as a Sub-Unit Group

Moonbin & Sanha made their debut as ASTRO’s first sub-unit group.

Credit: Fantagio Music

On Sept. 14, Moonbin & Sanha released their first mini-album IN-OUT. ASTRO’s first official sub-unit, Moon Bin & Sanha, heralded a new transformation that was not seen through the group through this album.

Ahead of the new album release, Moon Bin & Sanha expressed their feelings about the comeback through their label.


Q1. How do you feel about being the ASTRO’s first sub-unit group?

Moonbin: I’m so excited.

Sanha: I was worried about “can I be able to do this?” but during the preparation, such worries disappeared and the wish to show our new music grew bigger.


Q2. What is your role in this unit group?

Moonbin: I’m the main dancer, and Sanha is the main vocalist. Sanha is also responsible for various charms such as cuteness, sexiness, and coolness, and I will be the hyung (older bro) who is proud of Sanha.


Q3. What’s the charm of Moonbin & Sanha unit?

Moonbin: Our new song is different from those we sang as ASTRO, so you can see a whole new side of us. The sub-unit group’s charm is that it has a lot of choreography that shows the chemistry between the two.

Q4. Please introduce your first mini-album, IN-OUT.

Moonbin: It is an album with the concept of “therapist.” The album contains the message of “healing” of bad memories “FACE OUT” and good memories “FADE IN.”


Q5. What is the title track “Bad Idea” like?

Sanha: It’s a minimal dance-pop song that expresses intense energy to get away from bad thoughts. It’s addictive enough for anyone to sing along easily, and you can feel the “restrained dark sexy” charm!


Q6. If you have to pick one charm of each other?

Moonbin: I’ll choose Sanha’s charming tone, various facial expressions, and gestures that captivate the fans.

Sanha: Bin’s energy!

Credit: Fantagio Music

Q7. What was your new challenge while preparing for the album?

Sanha: I challenged the raspy vocal sounds that I’ve never tried before.

Moonbin: I performed the fighting scenes for the first time while filming the music video. We both have acting experiences, but we’ve never tried fighting scenes before, so it was a bit award at first. But we hot used to it later on.


Q8. What’s your favorite non-title track?

Moonbin: I like everything, but I especially like the song “All I Wanna Do.” I enjoy and listen to pop songs a lot, and “All I Wanna Do” is just that kind of song!

Sanha: I like the song “Alone.” I usually listen to ballad songs, and this is the kind of song that really goes well with the mood around dawn or right before we go to bed.


Q9. Words to your fans!

Moonbin: We’ll show you what we’ve prepared hard, so I hope you like it a lot. May all the bad memories disappear with our songs and performances…!!

Sanha: As it’s our first sub-unit group, we worked really hard on this album, so you can look forward to it. We won’t forget that our fans are always there for us, and we’ll do our best to show you great performances! Thank you.

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