TWICE Fandom ONCE Sends LED Truck Demanding Better Treatment for the Group

Since last month, TWICE’s official fandom ONCE has been asking JYP Entertainment to respond to their “statement” by Sept. 4. However, as the company failed to make their position clear, ONCE has officially started their LED truck protest.

In August, ONCE took the votes and feedbacks regarding TWICE’s “unreasonable treatment” and came up with the final three demands – replacement of the music video production company, legal actions against haters, and strengthening promotions.

With the enthusiastic participation of ONCE all over the world, the hashtag “#RespcetTWICE_JYPE” ranked fourth on Sep. 2, drawing keen attention.

When JYP Entertainment made no specific position about their demands, ONCE started the fundraiser to send an LED truck. And today, the three-day-long protest with an LED truck began.

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