BTS Surpasses Zico And Achieves the Most Perfect All-Kills in K-pop History!

Credit: BTSChartDaily
Credit: BTS Digital Music Information Team (52Hz)

Congratulations BTS and ARMYS!

On September 14th at 8:30 AM KST, iChart, a system that consolidates all major music charts in Korea, announced that BTS’s new single “Dynamite” achieved an astounding 331 Perfect All-Kills! This means that “Dynamite” has become the song to achieve the most Perfect All-Kills in K-pop history.

A song can achieve a perfect all-kill when it tops various daily and realtime charts on music sites and reaches #1 on iChart’s Weekly and Realtime ranking. As of today, Zico’s “Any Song,” IU’s “Give You My Heart,” IU’s “Eight (Prod. & Feat. SUGA),” BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That,” SSAK3’s “Summer Sea Again,” and BTS’s “Dynamite” are the only songs this year to achieve a Perfect All-Kill.

Credit: BTSChartDaily

Today, “Dynamite” overtook Zico’s massively popular single “Any Song” after achieving 331 Perfect All-Kills. Earlier this January, “Any Song” became the song with the most Perfect All-Kills after beating iKON’s “Love Scenario.” Zico was able to reach 330 Perfect All-Kills before losing the #1 spot on music charts.

Take a look at the Top 10 songs with the most Perfect All-Kills (PAK) below!

Credit: iChart Instiz
  1. BTS – Dynamite (331)
  2. Zico – Any Song (330)
  3. SSAK3 – Beach Again (208)
  4. iKON – Love Scenario (204)
  5. IU – Blueming (142)
  6. IU & Park Myung Soo – LEON (136)
  7. IU & BTS Suga – Eight (Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS) (134)
  8. Im Chang Jung – The Love I Committed (95)
  10. TWICE – TT (91)

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