THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo Is Once Again Embroiled in Controversy for What He Wrote on ASKfm


Only two months after THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo apologized for smoking at the beach (which is illegal), he has once again been embroiled in a controversy over what he wrote on ASKfm.

On September 9, screenshots of what Sunwoo wrote on ASKfm spread widely on various online communities. In the photo, Sunwoo answered various questions asked by his fans, and what he wrote sparked a hot debate.


Q. “What’s the secret to staying motivated all the time?”

A. Because I got my sexual desire mixed in.

Q. What would you do if the woman you like already has a boyfriend?

A. Steal her away.

Q. What would you raise if you could have a foreign pet?

A. Foreign woman

Q. What kind of pet do you want to have?

A. Woman

Q. I’m only 158 cm (5.2ft). I just wanna die.

A. If you’re a guy, then I agree.

Q. My legs are too fat. Any way to lose weight quickly?

A. Night exercise with me.

Credit: ASKfm, online community

ASKfm is a Q&A-type social network service where people answer questions from anonymous users.

Since it has been only two months since Sunwoo was embroiled in controversy for his inappropriate behavior, even some fans started to point out his careless and problematic actions.

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