‘Hospital Playlist’ Actor Kim Joon Han Confirms that He Won’t Be Returning in Season 2

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Amid expectations for the second season for tvN drama Hospital Playlist, Kim Joon Han personally confirmed that he won’t be returning in the new season.

On September 10, a new video was posted on producer Na Young Suk’s YouTube channel titled “Goodbye Ahn Chi Hong.”

In the video, actor Kim Joon Han said, “Though Ahn Chi Hong won’t be with season 2, I will go back to the hearts of viewers and cheer (the drama). I’m sure Chi Hong will live his life to the fullest as a neurology resident. If there is a moment when Chi Hong is needed, I will always be prepared.”

The first season of Hospital Playlist ended in popularity, receiving rave reviews for its heartwarming stories of the doctors, nurses, and patients in the hospital. In the drama, Kim Joon Jan took on the role of Ahn Chi Hong, a graduate of the Korea Military Academy who changed his career to a doctor due to his illness, and drew keen attention for his chemistry with Jeon Mi Do (Chae Song Hwa).

Drama fans, especially those who rooted Ahn Chi Hong and Chae Song Hwa to be together, showed their sadness.

“I can’t believe this. No way.”

“Even if he doesn’t end up with Song, you guys still could have showed him growing as a doctor.”

“I really loved the chemistry between the residents.”

“I watched all Playlist series and Reply series, and this is by far the most shocking news.”

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