‘The Mermaid Prince’ Prequel Confirms Production Plans and Cast

Credit: KT Seezn
Credit: KT Seezn

The production and cast line-up for a Mermaid Prince follow-up series has been recently confirmed!

The Lifetime Channel and KT Seezn shared that The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning, which is a follow-up to The Mermaid Prince, confirmed production plans. The casting line-up, consisting of ASTRO’s Moonbin, Chae Won Bin, SF9 Hwisong, Moon Sang Min, Yoon Seo Bin, Jung Bo Min, and Yoo Na Gyul, was also revealed.

The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning is a romance drama that follows Jo A Ra (played by Chae Won Bin), a high school girl who decides to give up on romance because she does not believe in love, as she meets Woo Hyuk (played by Moonbin). Moonbin, who struck audiences with his visuals and emotional acting in The Mermaid Prince, will be reprising his role.

We’re looking forward to this follow-up! Are you?

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