‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ Receives “Warning” for Its Usages of Slander and Justification of Sexual Harassment

Credit: tvN

The Subcommittee to Broadcast Deliberation of the Korea Communications Standards Commission submitted the tvN drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay to the plenary session with the opinion of judicial sanctions.

They said, “Drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay comically depicted the certain body part of a man and used explicit verbal abuse and the justification of sexual harassment. Even after considering that they were expressions to highlight the individuality of the drama characters, such content clearly revealed the lack of gender sensitivity of the production team.”

Then they added, “The excessive verbal abuse that is used in the drama that is aired during the youth viewing protection time has inevitably led to court sanctions.”

Meanwhile, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay gained unrivaled popularity, topping the popularity chart for the drama category for 8 consecutive weeks. It depicts a fantasy fairytale-like love story of a psych ward community worker who refuses to love under the weight of heavy life and a fairytale writer who doesn’t understand love.



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  • I think its stupid, dont this stupid board of what ever they are have previewed the show before airing it.??? Because it was a success Internationally, now they are attacking it. Next time you make a meaningful,educational and realistic drama like this again. Don’t air it in your Country, where sensorship is full of stupidity and Bias. Show them in other countries where it will be greatly appreciated. I’m sure there are far more worst shows out there that you never bother scrutinizing because its a flop, ” warning you say??? Its horse manure. Level up people.

    • I agree with you. Didn’t they approve things before airing? Now they turn their back at an intensively successful drama. What a bunch of haters and bs!

  • It’s unbelievable…I could find out any sexual harassment in this drama… I must say they are jealous of its popularity world wide….

  • This is BS. This story helped me a lot to understand and process what I’ve been going through recently due to the pandemic, I slowly learned to open up and face few traumatic experiences in my past too. It helped many people to be aware about mental health and how to avoid suicidal attempts by deliberately saying that it’s normal to feel not okay all the time. Each character in this drama mirrored each of us who can relate to their situation. And especially the role of Sang Tae, how many humans are aware of how someone with special needs like Sang Tae thinks and feel? Not all. This show is about healing, this is what everyone in this world needs now – HEALING, not only through physical, mental but also emotional healing. So please… there are a lot of nonsense and porn sites and movies out there, why not focus your attention to those and warn them instead?

  • This drama is famous , success international , that’s why they make scandal, bad things. Whatever they did … can’t make fool international fan cos we got the massages from this drama . This drama is not only love , about of mental illness. I really love this drama

  • La serie está super bien, no entiendo todo el drama que hacen, creo que quieren sacarle provecho por su fama internacional. En serio he visto en otras series que golpean los padres a los hijos aun adultos, y no se diga como muestran a las mujeres borrachas, creo que eso también deberían fijarse ha por cierto, también como tratan a los empleados abuso de poder y ahí si nadie dice nada. Doble moral creo yo

  • What are you talking about there isn’t anything related to sexual harassment !!! It shows a message and it showed it well . Why are giving them a warning !!! It is a great drama with a great message and storyline !! I think you really need to watch it and watch it well and then you will understand !!!

  • This drama helps me realize a lot of things in life, despite of the pandemic, this drama leads us how to face trials in real life, I don’t think there’s some sexual harrassment happened here or whatever it is that they’re calling it, this drama is very popular and it gains applause from the people. Just appreciate the drama and what is it all about and just focus to the really sexual harrassment happening in the world.

  • I don’t see any sexual harassment or verbal abuse in this drama. In fact, the director, writer and casts are just trying very hard to portray the characteristics and symptoms of individual personality disorder. I think that they are doing great in conveying the messages on mental issue. Nothing wrong with being professional. Very disappointed upon hearing the news.

  • Never feel disappointed in kdrama news before and now I have to say that this news about my favourite KDrama “Psycho but it’s okay” is absolutely BS. They criticised this amazing healing drama after knowing that a lot of international people are so attached to it. Like really how could you all even say that, can’t you even see the drama is focused on people having mental issues/psycho attitude so we completely understood about those peoples situations as the casts of the drama are trying to portray. Even my country some mental illness people could possibly lose their feelings and lead them doing unusual things like for example; taking off their clothes, saying unordinary words and etc. so do not feel like you all are too innocent to see and hears stuff like that because we are growing up not remaining in a little mind freaks who’s soul never grow. As an outsider fan of Kdrama we are all human beings we all see so many bad things happened but some of people ignore and some are trying help to make it right. If you considered the sexual harassment in this drama then you might need some healing in your heart because I am feeling so upset about this BS news and I think maybe it’s the best if you are thinking to rephrase it. 2020 is already a burden year for the whole world and we all need to look into the future but not stuck with pointless news like this. I hope the person who wrote this will reconsider this news to be rewording and be able to heal his/her frozen freaking heart. We stand for “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”

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