Japanese Rapper Zeebra, NiziU Rima’s Father, Cheating Scandal Grows into Controversy over His Family History

Credit: Hardest Magazine, NiziU SNS
Credit: Hardest Magazine, NiziU SNS

On August 25, a Japanese entertainment media reported the affair of Japanese rapper Zeebra, also known as NiziU Rima’s father. Several local media outlets reported one after another, questioning the potential impact of Zeebra’s scandal on Rima’s promotions with NiziU.

However, in Korea, the real “problem” sparked at a different point. This is because the Japanese media outlet, which exclusively reported Zeebra’s affair, introduced him as the late Hideki Yokoi’s grandson.

Hideki Yokoi, the founder of the Yoko Industry and the former president of the Hotel New Japan, is the man of wealth who invested in the real estate and shipping industries with profits from delivering military supplies during World War II. The article referred to him as “a war millionaire (戰爭成�’).”

When this information was made public, netizens from various K-pop-related communities left comments like “How can the descendants of a war profiteer be a member of K-pop group?” or “I know she didn’t do anything wrong. But I can’t emotionally accept this.”

Some, however, showed concerns, saying, “putting a guilt on a girl for what her great-grandfather did might be too much.”

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