NeonPunch Will Disband Due to Circumstances COVID-19 + Re-debut as New Three-Member Group

Credit: A100
Credit: A100Ne

On August 11th, NeonPunch’s agency A100 released an official statement regarding the group’s future.

This follows reports that claimed NeonPunch would rebrand as the group ‘XUM.’

The agency’s official statement is below:

Hello, we’re A100.

With the debut date for ‘XUM’, a unit group of Neon Punch, just around the corner, After much consideration, we will announce the disbandment of ‘Neonpunch’ on August 11.

Unfortunately, I’m truly sorry that I can’t see the entire ‘Neonpunch’ that many people have been waiting for.

In fact, our A100 and Neonpunch members made a comeback in May 2019 and worked hard to prepare, but their debut dates were continuously postponed due to the worsening financial situation of the company and the suspension of activities of the two members.

Also, due to the aftermath of Corona 19 this year and various circumstances, it was decided that it would be difficult to maintain the girl group ‘Neonpunch’ anymore, so we officially disbanded.

Also, the members (Dohee and May) who have previously stopped their activities,

Member Dohee is still in a difficult situation for personal reasons.

Member May is committed to her studies and has a break.

Plans for future activities are uncertain.

But for the fans who are waiting for us and the members who are going to be active (Dayeon, Baekah, Iaan), we are determined to make a comeback with the new group, XUM.

Thank you to the Neonpunch members who have been with us for the past three years, and please give them a lot of support for their future activities.

I sincerely apologize to all the fans who have loved and cared for Neonpunch. Thank you.

NeonPunch released a “Good Bye” video on the agency’s official YouTube channel as a way to celebrate all their memories and thank the fans.

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