Kang Daniel is Truly Best Son— He Gave His Mother a Credit Card So That He Can Be Responsible For Her Expenses!

Credit: KONNECT Entertainment
Credit: KONNECT Entertainment

Singer Kang Daniel revealed his ‘FLEX’ as a good son.

Kim Shin Young, the MC of MBC Radio’s Noon’s Song of Hope, asked Kang Daniel if he did anything for his parents recently. He drew applause when he said, “I gave them pocket money.”

He explained, “Recently, I gave my mother pocket money. Actually, I gave her a credit card. Similar to how I have to pay a monthly fee for my phone, my mother’s expenses come to me every month.” He then made everyone laugh by saying, “She uses it really well. I think she keeps buying handbags.”

Kim Shin Young then said, “I feel like your mother might be encouraged to buy more things whenever someone says ‘You’re a good son. Kang Daniel is doing great.’” Kang Daniel replied, “You’re right. I feel like that happened before.”

Kang Daniel is the best son!

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