Movie ‘Space Sweepers’ Unveils the Charismatic Still Photos of Kim Tae Ri

Credit: Merry Christmas

Kim Tae Ti will present a charming transformation as a tough captain in the movie Space Sweepers.

On August 11, Space Sweepers released still photos of Kim Tae Ri, who will play the role of Captain Jang, who leads the space junk collector ship The Victory.

Credit: Merry Christmas

Her charismatic visuals overwhelmed the atmosphere with all-back hair. Kim Tae Ri is the brain, the strategist, and the captain of The Victory. She is a former captain of a notorious space pirates. After changing her identity, she becomes the leader of The Victory. She is always drunk, always use violent language, and behaves superciliously.

But her skills are a real deal. She is handy with all types of machines and has charismatic leadership, leading her crew with coll and quick judgments.

Credit: Merry Christmas
Credit: Merry Christmas

Kim Tae Ri said, “Captain Jang is a character I’ve never seen before. She has the intelligence to make the most cool-headed decisions, but choose not to look perfect.”

Director Jo Sung Hee praised Kim Tae Ri, saying, “Kim Tae Ri is a phenomenal actor who acts with a wide spectrum and animal instincts. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the roke of Captain Jang.”

Space Sweepers, set in the year 2092, is about the crew of space junk collector ship The Victory jumping into a dangerous deal after discovering a humanoid robot named Dorothy that’s known to be a weapon of mass destruction. It will be released on September 23.

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