Dispute Over Yellow Bee’s Disbandment – Label Says “Can’t continue because of a member’s promiscuous private life” vs. Ari Says “Staff molested us”

Credit: Addiction Entertainment

With the group Yellow Bee (Ryuhee, Annie, Ari, Soye, and Seolha) officially disbanded, there is a series of disagreements between the agency and the members over the reason.

On July 19, the group’s label, Addiction Entertainment, announced the disbandment through Yellow Bee’s official fan cafe and SNS. However, then they added, “We had an intention to continue Yellow Bee even after replacing all members, but we failed to narrow the differences between the company and each member, including one of the member’s promiscuous private life.”

Since it’s rare for the label to blame the disbandment on the artist by citing sensitive privacy issues, it has drawn attention from many netizens.

A few days later, Ari refuted the label’s claim through her Instagram post. She wrote, “I don’t know that they mean by ‘promiscuous.’ Is standing with a boy a promiscuous act? Then is everyone promiscuous?” She then added that the reason for disbandment is the neglect from the staff and sexual harassment they had to endure.

“There were incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault from the managers and label staff. A staff tried to drag one of the members to the practice room to sleep with her. Lots of people were there at the time, but only the other members stopped him from dragging her off.

Some of them asked us to call them “oppa” and touched our thighs. A former manager said unbelievable things like, ‘I’ll give you a baby, so let’s go to a motel’ and ‘You seek your own daddy.’ Sometimes, they would call us at dawn and tell us to serve drinks to people whom they said were investors. We kept quiet because we wanted to be singers.”

Netizens’ view of the incident seems to have changed as the members’ revelations continued.

Meanwhile, Yellow Bee made their debut in 2017 with their single album Hiccup.

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