[Upcoming K-Drama] Character Guide to Mystery Melodrama ‘Flower of Evil’

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What if your husband, whom you’ve been in love with for 14 years, turns out to be a serial killer? Flower of Evil tells the story of Hee Sung, a man who even suspected love, and Ji Won, who began to doubt his true identity. We will take a look at the characters in the drama as well as key points delivered by the main actors, Lee Joon Ki, Moon Chae Won, Jang Hee Jin, and Seo Hyun Woo.


Lee Joon Ki

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“When you first hear the word ‘flower of evil,’ you might come up with dark images, but the real meaning of ‘flower of evil’ I noticed after reading the script and acting is ‘flower of truth and love.’”

Baek Hee Sung (metal craftsman) – A man who lives a normal life as an affectionate husband and a loving father after changing his identity to hide the dark secrets he doesn’t want anyone to know.


Moon Chae Won

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“I want to describe our drama as the ‘flower of salvation.’ You will be able to see the answers to questions like ‘Will it be possible for one person to be fully saved by another?’ or ‘Can we continue on as a salvation to one another?’”

Cha Ji Won (detective) – A detective with an insatiable curiosity and unwavering determination. As she grew suspicious of her beloved husband’s past, she believes that the past and the identity of him are all false and that he could be a link to the horrific crime that is happening now.


Jang Hee Jin

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“Our drama is ‘flower of love.’ This is because the connections of each other, which are woven like fate, are swirling. I want you to watch the drama as you wonder about where the thread of fate started, and the truth that are crouching behind these complicated connections.”

Do Hae Soo (special makeup artist) – 18 years ago, her mother was killed by her father (father later committed suicide), and her younger brother disappeared. The media’s persistence only hurts Hae Soo and is nowhere near the truth. And now, Hae Soo’s first love Moo Jin approaches her.


Seo Hyun Woo

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“The ‘flower of evil” blooms the ‘flower of consideration.’ The characters in the drama seem to grow bearing a heartache, putting others before themselves. There are many points where internal conflict of ‘Can you put others before yourself in such situations?’ crashes.”

Kim Moo Jin (reporter) – A reporter who snoops everywhere in search of provocative events that can increase the number of views. He focuses on the fact that detective Cha Ji Won, who he became acquainted when he acted as a reporter at the police station, is a metal craftsman. A metal craftsman was responsible for the serial murder case that turned his hometown upside down 18 years ago.


The new tvN drama Flower of Evil will premiere on July 29.

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