(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Outraged by Constant Hate Messages

Credit: (G)I-DLE’s V LIVE

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua took a parting shot at the haters.

On July 25, Shuhua had time to communicate with fans through Naver V LIVE. However, when someone wrote malicious comments, she expressed her anger, saying, “I feel sorry for you guys. How can you live so pitifully? It’s hard to hate someone. It’s tough for me to hate someone and curse at them. How do you do that? It’s really difficult to curse at someone, but how are you so good at it? Get out of my V Live, I don’t want to see you either.”

Later, when fans showed their worries, Shuhua tried to lighten the mood, and said, “It’s okay now. Everyone, relax. Do you want me to sing? Shall we sing a fun song?”

Previously, Shuhua drew attention when she showed her anger after being criticized by haters in May for being a Taiwanese. At the time, she said, “This guy is so mean. They are hurting other people. My family gets hurt when they see this. I was so heartbroken last time when Soojin was attacked. So get out of here if you’re going to be like this,” showing a strong stand against the haters.

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