Son Dam Bi & Sung Hoon – Love Is in the Air?

Credit: MBC

Son Dam Bi and Sung Hoon made headlines after giving off a “dating” atmosphere on the latest episode of I Live Alone.

In the latest episode of MBC’s I Live Alone, which aired on July 24, Sung Hoon and Son Dam Bi were seen heading to Incheon from dawn to work on the peach farm.

To Son Dam Bi, who was having a hard time driving while looking at the navigation, Sung Hoon shouted, “Red light. Hit the break.” When she successfully stopped at the stop line, Sung Hoon patted Son Dam Bi’s head as he said, “Good job. That’s how you do it.”

Other members who watched this in the studio looked surprised. When Sung Hoon explained, “We’re close,” Jang Do Yeon replied, “You touch someone’s head just because you’re close?”

Later, Park Na Rae said, “Wait a minute. I think you guys forgot this, no dating in the workplace,” giving a big laugh.

Meanwhile, fans showed their excitement.

“My heart fluttered when he touched her head.”

“That was sweet. They look good together.”

“He knows how to treat a lady.”

“How other members reacted is just hilarious.”

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