Netflix Japan Under Fire for Describing “Gwangju Uprising” as a “Riot”


Netflix Japan has corrected its controversial movie introduction.

Recently, Netflix Japan introduced the Gwangju Uprising (also called the May 18 Democratic Uprising), the background of the movie A Taxi Driver as a “riot,” causing controversy. A Taxi Driver tells the process of Min Man Seop traveling to Gwangju with a German reporter trying to cover the Gwangju Uprising.

Gwangju Uprising, which became the background of the film, is such a historical event that it was designated as a democratic movement celebrated by the state in 1996.

Credit: JapanNetflix

However, in the movie introduction section provided by Netflix Japan, they wrote, “A taxi driver headed for Gwangju with a German reporter covering the riot. The meeting between the two becomes a life-changing event. A touching story based on a true story,” creating a stir.

In response, Netflix said on July 21, “We reviewed the description of the movie and revised the phrase into a democratic movement.”

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