Another Girl Idol Tries to Commit Suicide + Thanks SHINee’s Taemin’s Cousin for Helping Her

Credit: Shin Minah Instagram

Another bullying in a girl group has been exposed. Shin Minah, a former member of ILUV, tried to commit suicide after being abused and bullied.

On July 15, Shin Minah posted a video on her YouTube channel “Cocoah” titled “Thank you very much police officer.”

In the video, she apologized for shocking people at the Han River and thanked the police officer who saved her. She then begged those who have hurt her to stop causing her more pain.

Back on July 14, Shin Minah wrote on her Instagram that she still had trouble eating and that she currently weighs 80 pounds. She also mentioned that the company called her to tell her to keep her mouth shut about the bullying, but she doesn’t want to keep everything to herself anymore.

In this regard, a series of writings were posted on online communities that Shin Minah has been bullied by other ILUV members. The posts revealed that “other members would blow the smoke to Shin Minah’s face and force her to listen to every detail of their sex life.”

Shin Minah also talked about her psychological state several times in her Instagram a few times, making fans even more worried.

Meanwhile, attention was also focused on the fact that SHINee’s Taemin is mentioned in her YouTube video. She said, “Police officer, who is also SHINee’s Taemin’s cousin, thank you so much for comforting my mom.”

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