Kang Dong Won & Lee Jung Hyun Burst Into Laughter after a Child Actor Says She Never Knew How Famous They Were

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Lee Ye Won, the youngest actor of Peninsula, said, “I honestly didn’t know that Lee Jung Hyun and Kang Dong Won were so famous,” giving a big laugh.

At 2:00 p.m. on July 9 KST, the press screenings for Peninsula was held at Yongsan I’Park CGV in Seoul.

During the interview, Lee Ye Won said, “I honestly didn’t know at first that Jung Hyun mom and uncle Dong Won was so famous. But everyone asked me to get their autographs, and I heard that they were really famous in the past,” drawing laughter from everyone at the scene.

“Now, I know a few songs of Jung Hyun mom. I know that she is still famous, and that uncle Dong Won used to be really ‘hot’ in the past,” she added.

Meanwhile, Kang Dong Won drew attention by candidly expressing his thoughts about working on a sequel of a famous work. He said, “It was not an easy decision as ac actor to play a role in a sequel. But I loved the director’s vision when we first met. When I read the script, I could tell that the film will portray a different story from ‘Train to Busan.’”

He added, “I really worked hard to not disappoint those who enjoyed ‘Train to Busan.’ I’m sure they will like this movie, too. Also, I think Gong Yoo hyung’s fans will also cheer us as well,” raising the expectations.

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