Former/Current Girl Group Members Show Strong Presence in Romantic Comedy Genre

These days, it’s not abnormal for girl group members to turn into actors. To that extent, the controversy over some of their poor acting has been constantly surfacing. However, there is also a genre where idols-turned-actors especially stand out. It’s the romantic comedy genre.

Nana, a former member of After School, has been playing serious characters throughout her career, starting with The Good Wife (2016) and ending with Kill It (2019) and Justice (2019). Since these dramas had a dark tone overall, the lack of her acting prowess has been pointed out several times. However, with her recent drama Into the Ring, she has turned the game around. Nana, who is playing the role of a lower-class woman Goo Se Ra, is successfully presenting a whole new side of her. By flawlessly portraying a cheerful girl, she washed away all the previous concerns and stood tall at the center of the drama.

Hwang Jung Eun, a former member of SUGA, has established herself as the “romantic comedy queen” a long time ago. Starting with High Kick Through the Roof!, that brought her to stardom, she starred in Can You Hear My Heart (2011), Kill Me, Heal Me (2015), She Was Pretty (2015), Lucky Romance (2016), and The Undateables (2018), creating an unrivaled position in the genre. She has recently been well-received for her excellent performances in Mystic Pop-Up Bar and her new drama To All The Guys Who Loved Me.

Credit: JTBC, MBC

This is not the end of idols-turned-actors’ performances. Apink’s Son Na Eun is starring in Dinner Mate as Song Seung Heon’s ex-girlfriend, Laboum’s Solbin is appearing on Backstreet Rookie as Kim Yoo Jung’s younger sister, fromis_9’s Jang Gyuri is appearing on It’s Okay to Not Be Okay as a nurse, while Kang Ji Young, a former member of KARA, starred in a recently ended drama, Sweet Munchies, as a contract producer. Kim Da Som, a former member of SISTAR, will also meet the viewers through JTBC’s new drama Was It Love? as a top star loved by everyone.

One of the reasons why former girl group actors stand out in the romantic comedy genre is their stage experiences. To these idols, the emotional expression on stage is so essential that they are called “singers who act for three minutes on stage.” And these girl idols are trained hard in this part long before their debut. Thanks to such training, it’s easier for them to concentrate on bright and cheerful characters, allowing them to naturally show off their charms in the romantic comedy genre. Which girl group members will be the next to challenge the genre?

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