Will MAMAMOO Disband Next Year?

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MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul and Solar shared their candid thoughts on renewing their contracts with the label.

On June 23, Moonbyul and Solar had time to communicate with fans on NAVER V LIVE. When fans asked them, “Are you not renewing your contracts?,” Solar answered, “The contract ends next year. I really thought this day wouldn’t come.”

She added, “But I don’t know what’s going to happen. (Renewing) affects each of our lives.” Moonbyul agreed and said, “It’s not something we can easily decide. We are going to have to think a lot about it.”

“We are all close to each other, so we talk about this. We’ll know next year,” said Solar. “We have to think about renewing the contract, but I keep thinking that the time worrying about it seems like a waste. There will continue to be good times, so I think it’s better to have there amazing times with fans and members than pondering this.”

Solar and Moonbyul both said, “We can’t give you a straight answer till next year. We don’t know what’s this world will come to be. We have to wait until next year.”

Upon seeing this fans commented,

“This is their problem. Members’ opinions are the only thing that matters.”

“I would love them to stay together for me, but I will support them no matter what.”

“Wow. It’s already next year. I can’t think of my life without them.”

“Time just flew by. I love them all.”


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  • I can’t believe that ! Please I love to see u guys make a concert ! I love MAMAMOO so much .. u guys is really good in anything .. u guys are supporting … Okay ! I’m tears down ! ,😭😭😭😭😭 Please please !! I need u guys in Korean industry .. I love to see u guys together !

  • Even if, they can do well in their own cause all of them are fckng talented, and i will still support them. 👸 👑

  • Please don’t disband…I love you guys so much…your songs mean so much to me…if you guys disband I have no songs to listen anymore….please don’t

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