K-Variety Review: ‘K-BOB Star’ A Delicious Meeting of Idols and “Muk-Sisters”

Edited by Jeon Gyeong Ju

Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Credit: K-BOB Star

Although the entertainment industry has suffered an unprecedented blow since the spread of COVID-19, K-POP starts’ hard work has been ongoing. From no audience live show to online showcase or press conference, and TikTok, they are using various content to reach out to their fans. Especially, Youtube entertainment show K-BOB Star has consistently captivated the eyes and taste of the fans by presenting the perfect synergy of Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook duo and unique idol guests. Fans around the world are cheering this “Worldwide Idol Comeback Show,” where idols who are about to make their comeback promote their new songs with a much more energetic vibe after recharging from the food the duo made for them, with rave reviews.

IZ*ONE, who recently visited K-BOB Star with their new song “Secret Story of the Swan,” was treated with boiled chicken with scorched rice made in four caldron lids. Even when the viewers salivate at the sight of idols literally inhaling chickens and shouting, “This show is amazing,” and “This is the definition of healing,” we feel a bit bitter to see girl idols who are tired of harsh practices and constant diet. In any case, how can Kim Sook and Lee Young Ja, who are almost thrice the girls’ ages, not smile when top idols praise their food one after another? Koreans, by all means, are known for their desire to treat someone if they enjoy the food.

The reason why K-BOB Star stands out in the field of eating shows, which has become the mainstream of entertainment shows, lies in the fact that the MCs actively assimilate not only with idols but also with their fandom. Just like the previous guests, IZ*ONE also performed their group dance of “Secret Story of the Swan” through a field showcase, and Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook gave a big laugh by trying to follow the key choreography and singing “You, in the Fantasy” (the song shares the same word in the title in Korean) as they tried to guess the title. The fact that these idols perform in a desolate space after a hearty meal is eye-catching, but the two “Muk-Sisters,” who cheer them just like veteran idol fans, are another attraction of K-BOB Star. The fancam-like follow shots that catch every movement of idols, and flashy captions are also the key point of the show.

The Muk-Sisters’ generous love is not limited to girl groups. MONSTA X, who returned with their 7th mini-album FANTASIA X in late May, also properly boosted the energy they needed for their comeback through K-BOB Star. The feast of giant lobsters (51 servings, 80 pounds in total) are certainly jaw-dropping, but it didn’t stop there. The fried rice made with lobster’s tomalley, garlic, pepper, basil pesto, and truffle oil was served right after. In fact, some might even think that the real main characters of K-BOB Star are the great dishes prepared by Lee Young Ja, also called the “Mukbang Queen,” that cannot be seen elsewhere.

Lee Young Ja, who already captivated the public with her “list of good restaurants in service areas,” shows her massive generosity through her perfect collaboration with Kim Sook in K-BOB Star. For their first guest, CRAVITY, she prepared 100 servings of pork belly piled up like a seven-story tower. For idol members who are always under strict diet and fans who care about them like their mothers, K-BOB Star became a precious show. Like Weekly Idol and Idol Star Athletics Championships, there are quite a few entertainment shows where they focus on presenting idols’ charms and physical abilities. However, where else, other than K-BOB Star, will you find an entertainment show that focuses on comforting idols (they even invite the entire team) with delicious dishes?

Editor Jeon Gyeong Ju: A natural-born media geek who is physically Korean and mentally multinational. All dramatic stories are my favorite sweets for life. TVs and streaming platforms are not only the playgrounds but also the weapons.

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  • I love this show so much! I hope NCT also comes to this show with their upcoming comeback just around the corner.

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