Momoland’s Yeonwoo Leaves a Significant Writing on Her Fan Cafe

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Following AOA’s Mina, Yeonwoo made headlines after making an unexpected post on her official fan cafe.

“Is everyone asleep? I came at this late hour because I’ve had mixed feelings past few days. It’s a bit serious stuff, but…as always, there’s no actual content.

Whenever I go on Instagram Live, there are always uncomfortable messages that come up in the chatbox. Some people would get angry if I don’t respond.

Everyone. How many brave souls would there be in the world who would give up on what they had invested in all their youth? I don’t have that kind of courage. And I didn’t have the will either. In the past or in the present. I only repressed myself and endured everything, but none of it worked.

I did not betray you guys out of the greed to start a new career, Do you know how painful it is to be misunderstood and to be criticized by people you love? Please stop. You know I can’t explain everything in detail. Why do some people fixate on the things I refrained myself from mentioning, the things I’ve been holding on, and the actions I did not do?

And no matter what kind of changes I went through, and how much I’ve suffered, I don’t want to hold on to them. I don’t want to cry anymore, either. I just want to picture a happy future with the people I love. I’ve suffered enough.

What I’m doing right now, I didn’t have any other choice. This way, at least I can continue my dreams, live on my life, and see you all. How can I give up everything, seriously.

Of course, most people here love me and support me, but I had no other place to write this. I thought that writing this in an open space could be rude, so I came here. I’m sorry.

Even if you hate me, I love you. Just. Honestly, I think even the things I say could be a burden. But, I’m really trying hard to do my best. I’d appreciate it if you could understand that. Sorry about this at such a late hour. Good night.“

Credit: Sports Kyunghyang

Some started to speculate that the reason Yeonwoo left Momolana and started her acting career might not have been her choice.

Meanwhile, Yeonwoo made her debut as a member of Momoland in 2016, but since last summer, she has been embroiled in rumors of leaving the time when she failed to attend several team schedules. Eventually, she left the team in November and started her acting career.

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