ZICO Dominates the Music Charts with His New Song ‘Summer Hate’

Credit: KOZ Entertainment

ZICO topped the music charts with his new song “Summer Hate.”

On July 1, ZICO released his first summer album Random Box and the title track “Summer Hate” topped major music charts, including Melon, Genie, and Bugs, announcing the return of “GOD ZICO.”

In addition, all tracks of Random Box have entered the charts, proving his popularity.

Previously, ZICO created a new craze in the first half of this year with his song “Any song,” released in January. Now that his new song “Summer Hate” became another hit, people are saying that ZICO has successfully taken over the first half of the music industry.

“Summer Hate” is a ZICO-style summer song that captures the unpleasant day of a person who is sick of the heatwave through his witty rhyming and metaphors. Rain has participated in the featuring, creating a unique synergy.

At the same time, ZICO started the dance challenge for “Summer Hate,” drawing attention.

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