Park Hae Jin Says He Is Always Checking His “Kkondae Boundary”

Credit: MBC
Credit: MBC

We have met a new face of Park Hae Jin, who always had a cold-looking images.

In Kkondae Intern, Park Hae Jin plays the role of Ga Yeol Chan and shows an unexpected charm that has never been spotted before. He proved that he, too, can perform petty and comical acting. Kkondae Intern is a comic office drama in which a gentle boss faces his ex-boss, who traumatized him when he was still an intern.

Park Hae Jin, who conducted an interview ahead of the final episode, said, “I could feel more popularity compared to the viewership. I think the theme of ‘kkondae’ fits the time these days.”

As for Kim Eung Soo, who played the role of Lee Man Sik, who he showed the bickering bromance with, he said, “We worked well from the start without any difficulties or inconvenience.”

Credit: MBC

Park Hae Jin served as a bridge between senior actors and rookie actors at the filming locations as he is already facing the 14th year of his career.

“The filming location was full of friendly atmosphere, but I still acted as a bridge if a rookie actor had something to say. When Kim Eung Soo shouts as a joke, they are daunted. At times like that, I would hold him (Kim Eung Soo) arm-in-arm and support these rookies without making it so obvious. In fact, I often feel like I’m becoming a ‘kkondae’ myself, so I try to be very careful.”

He added that habitually ‘checks himself’ before saying something to other actors since he felt like he was standing at the “kkondae boundary.” He defined kkondae as a person who forces his thoughts to others and tells them that they are wrong because they have a difference of opinions.

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Park Hae Jin, who became a Hallyu star with Cheese in the Trap, challenged his first comic acting through this work.

“I had no fear of looking like a fool (through comic acting). I was assured of comic acting through Kkondae Intern. Now I know that viewers like when I act or react in a specific way.”

This year alone, he starred in two dramas, Forest and Kkondae Intern, and even confirmed his next work, Crime Puzzle.

“I always want to rest, but on the other hand, there are times when I want to act but I can’t. Thinking about that makes me do the projects when I’m offered. There is a sense of Burnout syndrome. But every time, I think, ‘what’s the point of resting?‘ I think I would rather work than play and also trying to think of how to have fun in-between works. Whether it’s the filming location or hobbies, I am trying to give myself some time to take care of myself.”

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  • Park Had Jin is great in all of his acting. Very entertaining as he is a professional with comedy and serious rolls. My family here in the U.S. love watching him. Thank you for all the hours of entertainment.

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