[Upcoming K-Drama] A Character Guide to Political Comedy Drama ‘Into the Ring’

Credit: KBS

On July 1, drama Into the Ring will premiere. Into the Ring is the story of young people, who have chosen candidacy instead of getting jobs. The fact that Nana is breaking away from her usual sophisticated images as she transforms into a lower-class woman with little education or money is drawing much attention.

Credit: KBS

Nana – Goo Se Ra

She is a self-proclaimed tax watchman who has been sending various complaints to the district office under the ID “Fire Moth” for the past 15 years. However, to others, she is the queen of being nosey. Due to her inability to ignore wrongdoings, only the resignation experiences are piling up, and her busy boyfriend, Min Jae, has now become an online friend. After dwelling on what Seo Gong Myung said about how District People’s Council is the best job of having an annual salary of 50 million won for a mere 90 working days, she believes that it’s just the ticket she needs to better her life.


Park Sung Hoon – Seo Gong Myung

He is the efficient and hard-nosed elite deputy director. He can multi-task and is dubbed the brain of the Ministry of Planning and Budget, but is a cold, rigid, and independent person, who is deemed prickly and unapproachable. After headbutting the head of the district, he gets demoted to the information desk in the civil service center. And at the interview for a four-month assistant part-time job, he faces his mortal enemy, Goo Se Ra, who forced him to call her “Se Ra noona” when he was a crybaby.

Credit: KBS

Yoo Da In – Yoon Hee Soo

Taking advantage of her perfect background as a beautiful lawyer who graduated from a prestigious university and law school, and her high profile as a regular panel for humanities broadcast she refuses to be nominated as a proportional representative member of the national assembly and throw her hat into the ring for the district council. But a totally unexpected person gets in her way. It’s Goo Se Ra.


Han Joon Woo – Kim Min Jae

He is a former 7th-grade civil servant and is now a Jo Maeng Deok’s chief secretary and closest aide. Behind his clean work and silence, he has the ambition of becoming a young politician. Ahead of a by-election, he breaks up with Goo Se Ra, who he has been dating for 9 years, and expected of being nominated, but his dream crumbled, and political-illiterate Goo Se Ra is running for the post. But looking at her new side, his heart starts to falter.

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