Controversy over ‘Backstreet Rookie’ Does Not Seem to Calm Down

Credit: SBS

Even though it’s the opinion of some, the demand for the end of the drama continues.

Unlike how the producer said it’s going to be a “warm family drama,” it seems like Backstreet Rookie cannot tear itself away from the controversy.

The fact that the drama is based on the adult webtoon of the same name drew many concerns even from the production stage.

From the first episode, Kim Yoo Jung appears as a juvenile delinquent who smokes. She asks clumsy Ji Chang Wook to run errands to buy cigarettes for her, but soon, a sudden kiss between the two is shown. The fact that a kiss between a minor and an adult is aired in the prime time was not appreciated.

In the scene where high school students sing in karaoke, the camera mostly revolved around their bodies, and officetel prostitution was consumed as a simple humor.

Two weeks have passed since the first broadcast, but the controversy has not died down. On the bulletin board of the official website of “Convenience store’s new star,” there have been steady postings calling for the end of the show. Of course, not everyone thinks the same way. The argument is made by some, but the criticism is too dominant for the drama to escape.

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