iKON’s Ju-ne Embroiled in Controversy over Only Wearing Underwear During His Live Streaming

iKON’s Ju-ne has been embroiled in a controversy over his “live streaming wearing only underwear.” This led to a heated debated among netizens.

On June 26, Ju-ne spent time communicating with fans through V LIVE streaming. During the live streaming, Ju-ne, who was sitting in a chair, got up from his seat to close the door.

Credit: Wikitree, V LIVE

At the time, he was seen wearing only underwear under a long T-Shirt. Belatedly realizing what he looked like, he returned to the seat as he pulled down his shirt, covering his legs.

People who watched this criticized his mistake, saying, “What kind of idol doesn’t wear pants when he’s on live streaming?,” “Other idols say that they are embarrassed when they don’t have a proper make-up on, but Ju-ne, he even shows his butt when I didn’t want to see it,” or “If a girl idol did this, she would be buried in criticisms of using her body to be famous. But when a male idol does this, it’s considered cute. Wow.”

On the other hand, some fans responded, “Fans actually don’t care much,” “He’s always been that kind of person, and we love that about him,” or “If you’re a fan of iKON, you’ll understand.”

Credit: Wikitree, Online Communities

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