TWICE Nayeon’s Creepy Stalker Left Another Freaky Message on YouTube

The man accused by JYP Entertainment of stalking TWICE’s Nayeon, is buried in criticisms for his continued obsession.

On June 12, the stalker left another creepy message on his YouTube channel. He wrote, “Please tell Nayeon something important. I am not a stalker. I truly love Nayeon, and I need to talk with her about my feelings. Please ask her to give me a chance to explain myself. There is a lot of fake news about me on the internet. And please tell Nayeon that I will come back to Korea as soon as the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 are lifted. (Maybe already at the start of July).”

Credit: Josh1994 YouTube

However, those who saw the post are pouring out their criticisms like “What you’re doing is stalking,” “Leaver her alone,” “There are thousands of fans claiming the same feelings toward Nayeon, ” or “I’m reporting this to JYP.”

The stalker has been obsessed with delusions and has been claiming that Nayeon agreed to go out with him on social media. Also, he asked for Nayeon’s address in the fan cafe as well.

JYP Entertainment said on its official website in December last year that they are taking legal actions against the overseas stalkers. Still, the stalker continued his misdemeanor, including trying to approach Nayeon on the plane.

After suffering from extreme stalking, TWICE filmed a criminal complaint against the stalker on Feb. 8 on charges of obstruction of business.

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