“Don’t judge me with money” Ravi Took a Parting Shot at the Haters

Credit: Ravi Instagram

VIXX‘s Ravi expressed his anger over the haters.

On June 12, Ravi tweeted, “No one is nobody, and everyone is everything to somebody. Don’t think highly of me or lowly of me for money. If you want to undermine others and resolve (your stress), at least do it somewhere where those who cherish that person cannot see.”

Ravi wrote this as a reply to the hate comment he received publicly, which read, “Ravi has such a great self-consciousness. To me, he is nothing except for the fact that he made a lot of money.”

And to the fans who showed their worries, Ravi wrote, “Fans, please enjoy the show. We are spending our precious time communicating so that we can enjoy and make beautiful memories together? Don’t waste your emotions (on something that is not worthy), and don’t worry about me!”

Credit: Ravi Twitter

The hate comment has been deleted, and the person who wrote it changed his account to private.

This is not the first time that Ravi showed his frustration over malicious comments.

Fans and the public cheered Ravi and agreed that there needs to be a harsher punishments against malicious commenters.

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