The Best Moments of ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ Based on the Number of Views

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Now, there are only three days left until the final episode of The King: Eternal Monarch. Waiting for the grand finale, let’s take a look at the best “joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure” moments of the drama that we can’t take our eyes off from.


1st Episode “Joy” – Yi Gon & Jo Young’s Bromance

From the first episode, the bromance between Yi Gon and Jo Young received explosive responses. When Yi Gon returned from chasing a woman in a rabbit hoodie after all hell broke loose when the fire went off at a rowing venue, Jo Young scolds Yi Gon, telling him to wear his bulletproof vest from now on. Yet, Yi Gon continues his “joking” attitude. To which, Jo Young maintains his seriousness, and tells him, “All the gunmen who broke in the rowing venue have been arrested and are being interrogated.” Yi Gon, on the other hand, puts his face right in front of Jo Young and says, “Today’s your day, Captain Jo Young.” The chemistry between the two as they bicker with each other is evoking a smile.


12th Episode “Anger” – Showdown Between Yi Gon & Goo Seo Ryung

The scene in which Goo Seo Ryung argues with Yi Gon presents a tight tension. When Goo Seo Ryung confronts Yi Gon about announcing Jung Tae Eul as the queen of the Korean Empire while she was gone, Yi Gon calmly states that everything is the truth. Goo Seo Ryung coldly replies, “Your majesty, you’re always so honest.” However, at that moment, thunder and lightning strike, and the sign of crossing the parallel universe appears on her body. Yi Gon is furious, thinking that Goo Seo Ryung joined hands with Yi Rim and crossed both worlds.


12th Episode “Sorrow” – Yi Gon & Jung Tae Eul’s Bloody, Tearful Reunion

Yi Gon dashed to save Jung Tae Eul, who had been kidnapped from South Korea, with his cavalry. The moment when he holds her tight in his arms with blood all over, the desperate feelings of the two are highlighted. Especially, the scene where Jung Tae Eul says, “I’m telling you this because I might faint soon. I missed you,” even in a stupor of despair, conveys the affection of a destined lover.


12th Episode “Pleasure” – Yi Gon & Jung Tae Eul’s Passionate Kiss Scene

There are many sweet romance between Yi Gon and Jung Tae Eul, but you cannot miss the “Behead Kiss.” After arriving at the palace, the two talk about the secrets behind the sign of crossing the parallel universe that appeared on Yi Gon’s body. However, when Jung Tae Eul, who also crossed the parallel universe, showed no sign, Yi Gon is lost in thoughts. Trying to lighten the mood, Jung Tae Eul says, “Is that it? You know, for example, you who should get struck by lightning!” To which, Yi Gon replies, “I really wanted to stop beheading. But it’ll have to start again today.” Jung Tae Eul then sticks her neck out and says, “Wow, a daily life where beheading is life. Great. Why don’t you try then.” Yet, her mischievous prank is followed with a hot kiss.

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  • Excelente Drama donde se destaca el Actor Lee Min Ho, se le ve crecimiento profesional y madurez y demás compañeros que intervienen en dicho Drama le deseo mucho éxito

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