Some ARMY Are Criticized for Their Over-the-Line Actions

ARMY, BTS‘s fandom, attacked an entertainment media reporter.

On June 6, the name of the reporter was posted in numerous Tweets posted by ARMY.

Credit: Ten Asia

This is the inside story. Earlier the same day, BTS’s Jungkook officially apologized during his V LIVE streaming regarding his visit to the Itaewon club. He said, “I think many people got upset and hurt by my recent action. And I was very sorry to the people who are having a difficult time due to the pandemic, the people who are working hard everywhere, and my members who are always with me.”

He then added, “I’ve been thinking a lot recently. I will try hard to be a person who acts more considerately every moment, anytime, anywhere.”

His apology was made into news everywhere, and the reporter also wrote the news. And yet, ARMY got furious. This is because the reporter always has delivered positive news about BTS.

ARMY posted more than 2,000 tweets, referring to the reporter’s real name. Most of them used abusive languages, expressing their sense of betrayal.

On the other hand, other ARMY voiced their anger at their behaviors, saying, “Don’t disgrace the fandom like that,” “Apologize to him,” or “You guys are anti-fans.”

In the end, the publisher who posted the first tweet apologized, saying, “I deeply regret and feel sorry for cursing the reporter without knowing anything. I am also reflecting on embarrassing the entire fandom.“

This is not the first time that some ARMY have committed such cruelty. They are known for mentioning the reporters’ real names, who writes negative articles regarding BTS and cursing them.

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