Ha Seok Jin Shocks Everyone with His Surprise Appearance on ‘The Great Escape 3’

Credit: tvN

Last night, The Great Escape 3 surprised everyone.

In the final episode of tvN’s The Great Escape 3, which aired on June 7, the cast, who arrived at Japanese colonial era via time machine, was seen delivering Korean national flag woodblock and Declaration of Korean Independence to the “Independence Youth Group“ ahead of March 1st Movement.

Later, all members arrived at the building to find a time machine. However, the Japanese police officer showed up, threatening them to reveal the location of the president of the “Independence Youth Group.“ At that moment, a gunshot went off, and the officer fell, covered in blood. It was the secret agent planted at the Governor-General of Chosen with the code name “Clover” who saved the members.

When the Clover took off his mask, an unexpected surprise awaited the viewers. The identity of the agent was actor Ha Seok Jin. He left after saying, “I am Clover. Please hurry.” The cast finally got on the time machine, and the episode ended with the subtitle “To be continued in 2021,” signaling The Great Escape 4.

Viewers’ reactions are explosive.

“What? What? WHAT?”

“I got goosebumps when Ha Seok Jin appeared.”

“That was crazy. I never expected to see Ha Seok Jin here.”

“The way he says ‘I am Clover’ is so sexy.”

“How am I going to wait for the next season?”

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