BTS Jungkook Makes a Personal Apology for the First Time Regarding His Itaewon Outing

Singer Jungkook, member of K-pop group BTS, investigated over ...
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BTS Jungkook made a personal apology for the first time regarding his past controversial Itaewon outing.

On June 6th, Jungkook appeared as a guest on Suga’s V Live radio show where he shared, “I’m very nervous to greet you guys for the first time in a long time and because I haven’t been on a radio show in a while.”

Jungkook continued, “I’m with Suga for the first time in a while on a radio show. It was a really nice time to be able to communicate with ARMY whom I miss.”

Then Jungkook proceeded to make a personal apology to his fans about his controversial Itaewon outing with ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, Seventeen’s Mingyu, and NCT’s Jaehyun back in April.

Jungkook shared, “I think many people got upset and hurt by my recent action. And I was very sorry to the people who are having a difficult time because of the pandemic, the people who are working hard everywhere, and my members who are always with me. And especially to ARMY whom I love, my heart felt heavy because it seemed like you went through a hard time because of me.”

Before ending the show, Jungkook added, “I thought deeply about things by myself. I talked a lot about it with my members and I realized a lot of things when I reflected on myself. I wanted to talk to you about the issue myself through the live stream. From now on, I will work hard to become someone who thinks more before acting about everything.”

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