[Upcoming K-Drama] Character Guide to the Colorful Romance of ‘Dinner Mate’

A webtoon-based healing romance drama Dinner Mate is set to premiere on May 25.

MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Dinner Mate depicts a ‘delicious’ romance in which two people, whose feelings of love have deteriorated due to the scars of breakups and the “alone” culture, fall for each other after becoming a “dinner mate.” Song Seung Heon, who is returning to the romance drama in seven years after When A Man’s in Love, Seo Ji Hye, who recently starred in Crash Landing On You, Apink’s Son Na Eun and Lee Ji Hoon will appear as four main characters who have been hurt by human relations.


Song Seung Heon – Kim Hae Kyung (psychiatrist)

Credit: MBC

A psychiatrist who examines and treats the client’s mental state through food and dining. Famous for his rare food therapy in Korea, he has a gentle, warm attitude and is handsome. Naturally, he became the number one choice for all kinds of media, but his utmost interest is meeting and treating patients. Moreover, he is also well known for his blistering remarks, even closing down a few restaurants. However, he feels a strange feeling of comfort as he starts to counsel Woo Do Hee.


Seo Ji Hye – Woo Do Hee (Content Production PD)

Credit: MBC

A Producer with a wacky personality who is in charge of producing byeongmat (something that is ridiculous or funny) content in a content company. After going through two heartbreaking breakups, she solely focuses on work. However, when she is eating with Dr. Kim Hae Kyung, her heart doesn’t flutter like she is on a date, but feels comfortable as if she was eating alone.


Lee Ji Hoon – Jung Jae Hyuk (medical journalist)

Credit: MBC

Do Hee’s sweetheart. He unilaterally stated their breakup ahead of graduation, and went abroad to study. Now, he is a successful medial journalist and suddenly entered into Do Hee’s life once again. He is kind and considerate, just like before, but for some reason, he seems somewhat cold.


Son Na Eun – Jin Noh Eul (fitness trainer)

Credit: MBC

The first love of Hae Kyung, who only left bitter memories. She left Hae Kyung, who never got angry even when she spoke harsh words and cheated on him, thinking that he doesn’t love her. Now, she is a fitness trainer and an SNS celebrity. However, seeing how close Do Hee and Hae Kyung are, she gets jealous, surging up her evil instincts.

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