UPDATE: JTBC’s ‘Mystic Pop-Up Bar’ Got Embroiled in Controversy Regarding the Producer


Credit: JTBC

JTBC started that producer Jeon Chang Geun had nothing to do with “Jang Ja Yeon List.”

On May 26, JTBC expressed its official position on the controversy that Jeon Chang Geun, the producer of the drama Mystic Pop-Up Bar, was involved in “Jan Ja Yeon List.”

They wrote, “The police investigation into producer Jen Chang Geun’s involvement in ‘Jang Ja Yeon List’ ended in 2009 with ‘no charges’ at the time.“ And they added, “Producer Jeon Chang Geun actively engaged in the investigation to prove his innocence, and the police even conducted DNA tests and call logs. This investigation concluded that producer Jeon Chang Geun had no face-to-face contact with the late Jang Ja Yeon, and also had no contact with anyone from her agency. JTBC has completed the confirmation of the case.”

Also, they stated that they will take full measures against those who are spreading false rumors.

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Credit: JTBC

Boycott of JTBC’s Mystic Pop-Up Bar has started. This is because of the producer Jeon Chang Geun.

On May 20, JTBC’s Mystic Pop-Up Bar was first aired. Based on the popular webtoon, the drama is a fantasy counseling drama in which a tough auntie of the bar and a pure young part-timer enter the customers’ dreams to release their deep resentment.

However, right after the broadcast, the boycott sparked from the online communities. The fact that producer Jeon Chang Geun, who directed the drama, was included in the “Jang Ja Yeon List” has enraged the viewers.

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Back in 2009, “Jang Ja Yeon List” has shaken the entire entertainment industry. Jang Ja Yeon took her own life in 2009 and left behind a handwritten document that shows 31 people, including entertainment agency officials, businessmen, and journalists, who forced her to “host” and “entertain” (basically turned her into a call girl).

The handwritten document was known as a suicide note, which shocked everyone, but later turned out to be a statement made in response to legal disputes with the agency through investigation.

At that time, investigations of all 31 people were conducted, but only the head of her former agency and the manager were handed over to the trial. However, about 10 people who were suspected of the same allegations were cleared of all charges.

2020-05-22 115124
Credit: Online Community

People are responding,

“Don’t forget ‘Jang Ja Yeon List.’”

“The fact that he gets to live on like nothing happened pisses me off.”

“The drama is supposed to be for those who are alienated. Wow. How ironic.”

“Please don’t watch the drama.”

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  • The real suspect was another PD whose name was similar to him.
    The misunderstanding spread the wrong articles, and he was investigated by the police for his cell phone call history and location tracking information.
    As a result, he turned out to be innocent.
    As a person who knows him, it has been several years since the results of the police investigation, and I can’t believe that such rumors are repeated endlessly.
    Everyone in the industry knows his innocence.
    JTBC is now investigating why this rumor has spread again.
    I expect an official announcement tomorrow.

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