Owner of the Alpaca Gives Explanation to Controversy over Animal Abuse that Surfaced After Bringing It to the Party at Chungdam

Credit: Newsis
Credit: Newsis

The birthday party at a cafe in Cheongdam-dong, where celebrities attended, is leading to controversy over animal abuse. This is because an alpaca, an animal that is under extreme stress when exposed to crowded and noisy places, was brought in for the party.

As the controversy only grow stronger, the owner of the alpaca wrote a lengthy explanation on the community of his YouTube channel “Daily Paca” on May 20.

“Hello, this is Daily Paca. We got a message from my fan. He really loves animals and is an acquaintance of our friend. We also received a direct message. He said that he is a photographer and all the people who visited the party were also photographers, and that it was going to be a small party. He said that he would take photos of Paca, so we decided to go. We just wanted to show our fans pictures just like we always have. But suddenly, the location was changed to a cafe, and since he said that he was bringing his own pet, so we naturally thought that it was going to a pet-accompanied cafe. But when we got there, it wasn’t a place for Paca, so we took pictures with the wife and left the place without a sip of water. We’re sorry that we brought Paca to a place without knowing everything properly. Also, we’re sorry for making you misunderstand. Most of all, we never rent out our Paca for money. Once again, we’re sorry.”

However, the criticisms continue.

“I feel bad for the alpaca.”

“If they were concerned for their pet, they should have left right away, not taking pictures.

“His animal’s welfare was his responsibility and no one else’s.”

“You cannot blame the party.”

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Credit: Daily Paca YouTube

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