‘Rugal’ Park Sung Woong Says He Won’t Play the Role of a Villain for the Time Being

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Park Sung Woong expressed his feelings about the end of the drama.

Rugal is an action hero drama in which a special team, “Rugal,” made up with human-weapons who gained their special capabilities through biotechnology, fights against Argos, a notorious terrorist group. Park Sung Woon played the role of Hwang Deuk Goo, an absolute evil with extraordinary brains and business tools, and presented fierce battle with Gang Gi Bum (Choi Jin Hyuk), an elite police officer, until the end.


Q1. How do you feel about finishing Rugal?

A1. We’ve finished filming, which started in the winter, in about six months. I worked really hard with my fellow actors and staff, and as much of the hard work we’ve put in, I’ll remember. I want to thank the viewers for watching and supporting me.

Credit: OCN

Q2. Is there any specific part that you focused on while playing the role of cold-blooded Hwang Deuk Goo?

A2. Hwang Deuk Goo is a vicious character that I’ve never seen before. During the filming, all the gestures, actions, and eyes had to portray a sharp character, so it wasn’t easy mentally. Since I lived my life being completely immersed in the character, I was always on edge and constantly worried about how much more vicious I have to be.


Q3. In episode 14, the fact that Hwang Deuk Goo was the first subject of an experiment in the Rugal project was revealed. Did you expect such a twist and ending?

A3. You can say that I wasn’t completely shocked. I thought I’d become Thanos. During the early episodes, I saw comments wondering how Hwang Deuk Goo, an average human, can win over Rugal, the human-weapons, and in that sense, I think the twist was revealed a bit late. I also thought about what it would have been like if the truth was revealed a little earlier and joining hands with the four of Rugal.

Credit: OCN

Q4. Rugal is a science action hero genre. Wasn’t it hard to take part in an action genre in a long time?

A4. The action genre is fun to film. However, it wasn’t easy to exercise four hours a day, stop drinking, and go on a diet for more than two months. But as a result, I believe that Hwang Deuk Goo’s character was expressed well as everything became well-balanced.


Q5. What are your future plans? And please say hello to the viewers.

A5. First of all, I sincerely thank all the viewers for having been with us every weekend for the past 8 weeks. Rugal is a drama with various charms in a sense that not only Hwang Deuk Goo, but also all other characters come alive. I’m sure there may be some difference from the original webtoon, but the production team and actors worked hard to fill that part.

For the time being, I’d love to meet the viewers (small screen and big screen) with a gentle and pleasant character like me, not as a villain. I will continue to work hard to meet you all through various characters. Thank you.


OCN’s Rugal ended on May 17.

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