New Music Film Starring Kim Dong Wan, Lee Yoo Ri and Kim Min Joon to Be Released in June

Music Film The Soundman (literal translation) confirmed its release in June and released a preview.


A Korean-style music film The Soundman, which well expressed the joys and sorrows of singers with the scenic beauty and original melodies of Joseon, unveiled a launching trailer for the first time.

The fact that this a new film of director Cho Jung Rae, who released Spirits’ Homecoming back in 2016, the movie about Japanese military sexual slavery victims, grabbed the attention. The film re-created Korea’s authentic sound in a modern music system and fully expressed the director’s desire to restore the family and human rights.

Director Cho Jung Rae’s crazy passion for pansori (Korean tradition music) for the past 28 years was combined with the solid teamwork of the production team, who worked on Spirits’ Homecoming, and finally flourished in The Soundman.

Also, attention is being paid to director Cho Jung Rae’s decision to select Lee Bong Geun, a master of the Korean traditional music, to be the star of the film.

Even with the releaser trailer, the movie excites the viewers with the music and passionate actors. The music that Hak Kyu (Lee Bong Geun) and Dae Bong (Park Chul Min) produce is full of excitement. “Fallen Yangban” (Kim Dong Wan), who gets the crowd going, captivates everyone watching the performance.

Also, charismatic Kim Jun (Kim Min Joon) and tearful Gan Nan (Lee Yoo Ri) leave a strong impression. The music, which is presented with a dramatic narrative, is full of excitement, but sometimes the mournful voices are mixed in, touching the hearts of the viewers.

The Soundman is scheduled to mee the audience in theaters in June.

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