Yeeun Confronts a Youtuber Who Contradicted Her “Feminist” Remarks

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Singer Yeeun, also known as HA:TFELT, made headlines for leaving a comment on Youtuber, who contradicted her previous feminist remarks.

Yeeun, a former member of Wonder Girls, posted a captured image of a Youtuber’s channel on her Instagram Story on May 11. Then she left a message, “If the life of a parasite who lives by sucking other people’s blood is the lifestyle that you pursue, and if it is the only survival strategy for you, I will cheer for it.”

Earlier when she appeared on MBC’s Radio Star, Yeeun shared a story of how she became a feminist. She explained how she was introduced to the book “Kim Ji-young, Born 1982,” and really enjoyed the story. So she shared the book on her SNS, which caused others to think that she has become a feminist.

She added, “So I searched what feminist was. I found out that it’s a principle that believes men and women to be equal. Thinking about it, I thought I could be considered a feminist, so I said so.”

Credit: Yeeun Instagram Story

To which, a Youtuber recently posted a video titled, “Wonder Girl’s Yeeun, You Are Just So!” In the video, she said, “Yeeun of Wonder Girls, who has now become an auntie. She has earned more money than anyone after sexually objectified herself and continued her singing career. And now, she has turned herself into a feminist. Why?”

She continued that Yeeun chose to become a feminist after realizing how she can never compete with the young, bring idol girls. She also questioned her reason for becoming a feminist. Then she criticized Yeeun for being so thoughtless of stating herself as a feminist even when she is an influential person on young kids.

She finished by saying, “You think all the new idol girls are idiots who sexually commercialize themselves because they are stupid and don’t know feminism? You guys are celebs who are strictly evaluated by the public. Korean feminists are all wrong. Why are they so contradictory.”

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