[PICK] The Best and The Worst Cast of ‘Heart Signal 3’

Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Credit: Channel A

The romance reality show Heart Signal 3 is not as popular as it used to be. Even before the show officially aired, it was caught up in the controversy over the cast’s problematic private life, and the reaction to the show itself is lukewarm. The show’s original contrived production is dull and cheesy, and the love triangle that focuses on a particular cast even from the beginning left no room for viewers to get immersed in an already fatigue-filled show. Although new celebs have joined the show as panelists, their old and subjective speculations are overemphasized.

Above all, the show needs to revolve around “the romantic chemistry between men and women,” but no fluttering moments have been conveyed so far. Compared to Netflix’s Love Is Blind or Too Hot To Handle, which drew attention with their unique and provocative settings, Heart Signal 3 only seems to care about pretty-looking productions and is overall very dull.

Of course, I’m sure there are many more stories that the cast will provide in the future. Hoping that the show will make up for its initial disappointment, editors, who watched all the episodes up to episode 4, where the cast has gone on their first dates, picked the cast who either made Heart Signal 3 stand out or only caused disappointments. (Editor. Hong Hyun Jung)


Best 1 Jung Eui Dong �” I Want to Cheer Him Since He Seems Like a Good Person


Is there anything more thrilling than watching the character with no presence becoming everyone’s number one pick in the reality show? Among this season’s cast, Jung Eui Dong stands out the most in this regard. He first appeared with a band around his hands and fingers. He then stands one foot behind other cast and quietly watches them. He silently does what he has to do without seeking the spotlight. This alone gives a favorable impression (I fully understand why P.O is overly enthusiastic), but he is reevaluated when he explained his weak side to his date. When he confessed that he feels anxious about finding love because he doesn’t know much and is far from being sophisticated, I wanted to believe that the show, which was embroiled in the controversy many times, has sincerity. No matter who he loves, perhaps in a place other than Heart Signal, I hope that he’ll stay the same forever. (Editor. Seo Hae Lan)


Best 2 Seo Min Jae �” Anyone Who Is Handsome and Attractive Even If He/She Might Be Young Is Hyung/Noona

To be honest, the first impression of Seo Min Jae is not quite memorable. Maybe it’s because she kept her “quiet” position during the first meal, which is considered one of the most critical moments in the show. However, I found myself slowly getting attracted to her, and I couldn’t find out why until I watched the first episode again. She makes me think, “This person is quite similar to myself (only personality).” When she couldn’t talk in front of many people but was able to show her true value in front of those who she felt comfortable around, I felt a sense of kinship. Since then, I found myself being overly enthusiastic over her first date with Jung Eui Dong. No matter what the result is, I hope Seo Min Jae leaves the Signal House with good memories.


(Editor. Yang Young Jun)


Worst 1 Chun In Woo �” Somewhere Between Being Impudent and Courageous

He actively approaches his favorite person: that’s Chun In Woo’s charm. In every episode, he shows “disliked” behaviors in the process of appealing himself. Knowing that Lim Han Gyeol is waiting to have breakfast with Park Ji Hyun, he takes her out using carpool as an excuse (episode 2). Then he suddenly stands up during a meal for Park Ji Hyun, who needed a tissue, embarrassing everyone else (episode 3), and in the recent episode, he showed slight disappointment when his date turned out to be someone different from his expectation (episode 4). However, if you think about it, you can say that his courage to win love certainly stands out, and his actions heighten the tension in the show, which presents dull relationships compared to the previous seasons. I wonder if Chun In Woo will end up as a courageous man or a disappointing man. (Editor. Hwang Hong Sun)


Worst 2 Lee Sang Min �” Being Overly Enthusiastic Is Fine, But I Hope He Gets More Objective

When asked about the cast who diminish the fun of Heart Signal 3, I thought of the panelists first, and among them, I decided to choose Lee Sang Min. Personally, I enjoy watching the cast’s behavior and carefully analyzing their psychology, so naturally, the parts where the panelists watch the cast and predict their decisions based on the behavior patterns were the most interesting for me. However, the fact that the talk mainly revolves around imaginative guesses rather than the analysis of the experts, which are what I wanted to see, is quite upsetting. In particular, Lee Sang Min favors and focuses on a specific few rather than treating the cast objectively and empathizing with them. It’s okay to draw laughter with his “over-acting,” but I hope that he will observe all cast and share his opinions from a more open perspective. (Editor. Kim Won Hee)

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