Lee Dong Gook and His Wife Face Heavy Criticism for Encouraging Unhealthy Beauty-Standards on Their Twin Daughters

The recent video of Lee Seol Ah and Lee Su Ah, 8-years-old twin daughters of a soccer player Lee Dong Gook, disparaging their own looks was deleted amid strong criticism.

Credit: KBS

The YouTube channel “Daebak Family” of Lee Dong Gook’s family posted a video showing Seol Ah and Su Ah, who turned eight on March 5, putting on makeup as they evaluate their looks.

In the video, Su Ah said, “I’m worried that I’ve gained so much weight recently. But why are there so many delicious things in the world? Seol Ah is always working out saying that she is on a diet, but since I eat a lot and gain weight, I think I need to put on some makeup,” belittling her appearance.

Credit: YouTube

“Today, my mom allowed me to put on makeup as much as I want. I used to look really pretty in the past, but I don’t know why I got so ugly,” she added while she put on lipstick and makeup. She also said, “Seol Ah and Si Ahn always tell me to go on a diet. What should I do?”

On other hand, Seol Ah went on the say, “I can’t wait to become an adult and put on make up. Grown ups, they only want themselves to look pretty. Maybe it’s because they’re afraid that I might look too pretty if I put on makeup, too.”

Credit: YouTube

She also added, “I never knew I would look this pretty. There’s something you have to endure to be pretty. It’s pain.”

When the video was released, people raised their voice of criticism against Lee Dong Gook and his wife, who made a content of their kids disparaging their looks. In addition, they could not avoid the criticism of encouraging unhealthy beauty-standards of “being pretty means the world.”

Later, when the controversy grew uncontrollably, Lee Dong Gook and his wife deleted the video.

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